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Registering A Service

NOTE - Registering a node requires a minimum of 200,000 AUDIO tokens per node. There is a grant system to support nodes on the network, reach out here once you have a node running if you'd like to apply for a grant.

Please join the node operator discord channel on the Audius discord server for announcements & troubleshooting assistance.

One your node is running and your tokens have been distributed, visit with MetaMask configured with the wallet that stores your $AUDIO tokens.

  1. Click on Services
  2. Click the Register New Service button (If you don't see this button, make sure Metamask is configured with Eth Mainnet and you have connected it to the dashboard site). You will need to be connected to the dashboard with your Service Provider Owner Wallet Address (not a delegate address).
  3. Select whether you're trying to register a Content Node (formerly Creator Node) or Discovery Node (formerly Discovery Provider)
  4. Enter a Staking Amount
  5. Enter a fully qualified domain name in the url bar
  6. Enter a Delegate Wallet Address. This is different from the wallet containing your AUDIO tokens. By default, this field will be populated if you wish to use your Service Provider Owner Wallet Address for your Delegate Wallet, however it is strongly advised not to. That way your Service Provider Wallet stays isolated.
  7. Click the Register <Service type> button