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Staking and Delegating

What is Staking?

Built as a decentralized protocol on Ethereum, all the content, information and data on Audius is stored and indexed by a growing network of third-party Node Operators.

To ensure this content can be trusted and maintained, Node Operators are required to provide collateral or "stake" as a bond to service the protocol. This stake, denominated in $AUDIO, ensures that Node Operators have tokens at risk that can be slashed, or taken, in the event of malicious or poor behavior.

More Information

Ready to learn more, check out the Staking section of the docs.

What is Delegating?

For users that either do not hold enough $AUDIO to self stake a Node, do not want to operate a Node, or are just looking to get started, Delegation is a great place to get involved.

Delegating tokens earns rewards, and increases your ownership of the protocol while supporting Node Operators, assisting in keeping them up and running, which in turns keeps the Audius protocol healthy.

More Information

Ready to learn more, check out the Delegating section of the docs.