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Getting Started

Audius is a digital streaming service that connects fans to artists and exclusive new music directly.

As a fully decentralized project, Audius is owned and run by a vibrant, open source community of Artists, Fans, and Developers all around the world. Audius gives Artists the power to share never before heard music and monetize streams directly with Fans. Developers can build their own apps on top of Audius, giving them access to one of the most unique audio catalogs in existence.

Under the hood, Audius is both a protocol and a platform built on top of the blockchain (several, in fact) and community run nodes. Audius is Open Source, Open Data & Access, and Open Ownership.

Create an Audius Account

Check out the reference music player implementation at by creating and account and exploring new music.


Want to learn more? Get started by diving into these concepts.

  • Core Concepts - Learn about the building blocks of Audius, starting with nodes.
  • Architecture - Breakdown of Audius' on-chain and off-chain systems.
  • Deploy a Node - Deploy Content and Discovery nodes to power the Audius protocol.
  • Contracts & Programs - Ethereum Contracts and Solana Programs that power the Audius protocol.


Find more how-tos, guides, and tutorials in the Developers section.

Find more how-tos, guide and tutorials like this in the Developers section.


Familiarize yourself with Audius concepts, how to participate in the protocol & community from a technical perspective, and how to interact with and use the $AUDIO token.

  • Code on GitHub - check the repository for the latest updates
  • Audius SDK - easily interact with the Audius protocol
  • APIs - Information for API's and ABI's for on-chain and off-chain systems.
  • Node Operators - learn about operating a Service Node on the Audius Network.


To learn about how to contribute to the protocol, including this documentation site, check out the Contributing section.