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Distributing Content to Audius

Looking for how to accept deliveries from your label or distributor?

Come back soon and check the Audius Support Page for more information.

Audius supports bulk content ingestion via the DDEX standard.

Providers, labels & partners with their own delivery infrastructure should reference the following documentation for guidance on how to send and administer content on Audius.

If you're looking to build your own ingestion tooling, get started with the Audius SDK.

What is DDEX?

Digital Data Exchange (or "DDEX") is an international standards-setting organization that was formed in 2006 to develop standards that enable companies to communicate information along the digital supply chain more efficiently by:

  • Developing standard message and file formats (XML or flat-file)
  • Developing choreographies for specific business transactions
  • Developing communication protocols (SFTP or based on web services)
  • Working with industry bodies to create a more efficient supply chain
More Information

Open Source

All DDEX ingestion code & libraries are open source and available on GitHub.

You may clone and self-operate your own Audius compatible DDEX ingestion server, which provides a web interface to deliver files, manage uploads, and track success. Under the hood, DDEX ingestion uses the Audius SDK to process and upload tracks and is available in a self-service manner.

Example files

Example DDEX XML files are available on GithHub.

Partner Onboarding

When delivering content to Audius, there are two options:

  1. Run open source DDEX ingestion tooling yourself, starting here.
  2. Work directly with a partner that will accept standard DDEX XML files via private delivery (S3, SFTP) and upload releases to Audius

Tiki Labs, Inc.

Tiki Labs, Inc., one of the development teams behind the Audius protocol, offers a first-party service to run DDEX ingestion tooling on behalf of partners.

In order to get started with Tiki Labs, Inc. directly, reach out to [email protected] and submit an intake form.

After on-boarding, you will deliver files directly to a provided S3 or SFTP bucket, which will be pushed to Audius as release criteria are met.

  • DPID: PA-DPIDA-202401120D-9
  • Party Name: Tiki Labs, Inc.