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DDEX Best Practices

General Guidance

Delivery processing

TikiLabs is a facilitator of distributing DDEX directly to the Audius Protocol.

For inquiries or support, reach out at [email protected].

  • ERN3 is the preferred DDEX specification for bulk ingestion into Audius. See the ERN3 details for more details around submission choreography.
  • Audius only accepts price information using absolute prices (e.g. via WholesalePricePerUnit). Price codes will be ignored (e.g. PriceType).
  • Audius also does not support ValidityPeriod EndDates. This includes using EndDate to specify multiple ValidityPeriods with different prices. We can only parse 1 ValidityPeriod StartDate.
  • Audius currently only accepts the Worldwide TerritoryCode. Territory support for controlled streaming is coming soon! 🌎
  • NonInteractiveStream is not supported.
  • A ReleaseDeal is required with a DealReleaseReference to each track on an album.
  • A ReleaseDeal is not required with a DealReleaseReference to an album release. If an album deal is not specified, the album defaults to being free to stream, but each of its tracks is configured according to the track’s ReleaseDeal DealTerms.
  • Audius supports updates via NewReleaseMessage and takedowns of content via PurgeReleaseMessage through matching ReleaseId properties.