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Node Registration Overview

This section describes how to run an Audius node.

The Audius protocol is powered by two off-chain services, the Content Node and the Discovery Node.

The decision to use two node types allows Audius to scale in correlation to different metrics, meaning that if the number of listeners were to spike relative to the Audius catalog, Discovery Nodes could pick up the weight while the Content Nodes continue to run as normal. Similarly, the network could choose to adjust incentives depending on where bandwidth is needed to meet demand at any given time.

Content Node

  • Hosts audio and image content
  • Syncs content across nodes to ensure data is consistent and highly available (using the Audius Storage Protocol under the hood)

Discovery Node

  • Indexes blockchains used by the Audius protocol (Main-net Ethereum, POA, and Solana)
  • Serves API traffic
  • Tracks usage metrics

Please join the node operator discord channel on the Audius discord server for announcements & troubleshooting assistance.