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Register a Node

Join the Discord

Join the Audius discord server and message a moderator for access to the node-operator channel to say up to date with announcements and for troubleshooting assistance.

Register a Node‚Äč

  1. Navigate to the Audius Protocol Dashboard Nodes Tab
  2. Click the "Connect Wallet" button on the upper right
Wallet Connect Button
  1. Select your web3 wallet in the wallet selection modal and sign in
Be sure to connect with the Service Provider Owner Wallet Address wallet, not a delegate address wallet
  1. Click the "Register New Service" button and complete the form.
Select the Node Type to Register
  1. Select the Node Type, Discovery Node or Content Node
  2. Enter a fully qualified domain name in the url bar Node Endpoint field
  3. Enter a token amount in the Stake field
  4. Click the Register <Service type> Node button