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Service Level Agreements 🤝

In staking tokens and operating a service, you agree to adhere to meeting the Service Level Agreements defined in this document and ratified by the community by vote.

Minimum Version Guarantee

Audius protocol adheres to semantic versioning. Optional auto-upgrade tooling is provided for discretionary use to make compliance easy.

Ratified in governance vote:

Major & Minor Versions

  • Monthly cadence and/or upon major functionality changes
  • Changes are ratified by voting on a governance proposal on the Audius ServiceTypeManager smart contract. The governance proposals contains the version name and git commit SHA.
  • Updating is compulsory within 24 hours of the proposal being enacted. Failure to comply will yield a recommendation of slashing 3,000 $AUDIO per service.
  • Auto-update will upgrade service(s) automatically ✨🌈

Patch Versions

  • Weekly cadence under normal circumstances, priority security vulnerabilities and network halting issues may be published ad-hoc
  • Updating is not compulsory and will not yield slashing recommendation, but is recommended to stay up to date with latest Audius patches, bug-fixes, and product improvements for the benefit of the ecosystem
  • Auto-update will upgrade service(s) automatically ✨🌈