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Delegating to an Audius Node Operator

Delegation is a great place to get involved for users that either do not hold enough $AUDIO to self stake a Node, do not want to become a Node Operator, or are just looking to get started.

Delegating increases your ownership of the Protocol and earns token rewards in exchange for keeping the Protocol healthy by supporting Node Operators.

A list of all active Node Operators can be found under the Nodes tab on the Audius Protocol Dashboard.

How to Delegate

$AUDIO holders can delegate a minimum of 100 tokens to any Node Operator by connecting their wallet on the Audius Protocol Dashboard using Wallet Connect.


Each Node Operator is also able to set a higher minimum delegation, keep that in mind when evaluating Node Operators to delegate towards.

Delegate with Wallet Connect

  1. Navigate to the Audius Protocol Dashboard at
  2. Click the "Connect Wallet" button on the upper right
Wallet Connect Button
  1. Select your web3 wallet in the wallet selection modal and sign in.
Wallet Selection Modal
  1. On the Node Operator tab, select a Node Operator you would like to delegate toward and click the "Delegate" button. Take note of the minimum Delegation set by the Node Operator.
Note this Node Operator has a minimum delegation of 200 $AUDIO.
  1. Review the Node Operator information and enter the amount of $AUDIO to delegate, and click the "Delegate" button.
Enter the amount to Delegate and click the "Delegate" button to proceed.
  1. Sign the transaction in your wallet to complete the process.

Cooldown Period

Audius features a 7 day cooldown period to undelegate in order to provide adequate time for Nodes to be slashed in the event of malicious behavior.