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Solana Programs


Testnet on Mainnet?

Please note that all Audius Protocol Testnet Programs are deployed to Solana Mainnet.

Github Code available here

Audius Plays

This program handles recording track play counts on chain. Every time a user listens to a track on Audius, it is recorded on the Solana blockchain.

Mainnet ProgramTestnet Program

Claimable Tokens

This program powers the Audis reward system, and allows Solana non-custodial token accounts to be created for Audius users that are represented by an Ethereum wallet. This program is also referred to as the "User Bank".

Mainnet ProgramTestnet Program

Payment Router

This program is responsible for distributing any SPL Token across different provided Solana associated token accounts, with amounts determined by a given percent split.

It is intended to be used with SPL-AUDIO and SPL-USDC. While payments can be made independently of the Payment Router program, it is designed to improve space-efficiency and usability off-chain.

Mainnet ProgramTestnet Program

Reward Manager

This program allows for Audius users to claim rewards given attestations from Node Operators that they have successfully completed a challenge.

For example, to claim the “I’ve completed my profile reward,” a user may ask for a set of Discovery Node Operators to provide a cryptographic proof that they have completed the challenge and submit that to chain. If the signatures are valid, tokens are dispensed

Mainnet ProgramTestnet Program

Staking Bridge

This program has 2 main functions:

  1. Swap SPL-USDC tokens to SPL-AUDIO tokens via the Raydium AMM Program.
  2. Convert SPL-AUDIO tokens to ERC20-AUDIO tokens via the Wormhole Token Bridge.

The methods in this program are intentionally permissionless, allowing any user willing to pay transaction fees to interact.

The methods of the Staking Bridge are independent to reduce price impact of swaps and fees associated with bridging tokens.

Mainnet ProgramTestnet Program