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Getting Started

Use the Javascript SDK

Interact with music and accounts using the JavascriptSDK.

  • Getting Started - Start here to get up and building with Audius.
  • Advanced Options - Ready to dig in more? check out the Advanced Options section for even more options.

Log in With Audius

  • Quickstart - Log In with Audius to retrieve a user's Audius profile information and optionally get permission to perform actions on their behalf.
  • Demo Apps - Log In examples using React or vanilla JS, and a convenient button generator to get started.

Use the REST API

Get read-only access using the RESTful API.

  • Full API Reference - Query, stream, and search for tracks, users & playlists across the network.


Hedgehog is an open-source, client-side Ethereum wallet that aims to lower the barrier of entry to crypto projects by uses a username and password.

  • Learn More - Learn more about the motivation for a lower barrier to entry wallet in the crypto ecosystem.
  • Source Code - Get the source code on GitHub.
  • More Docs - Even more Hedgehog specific documentation.

Audius on The Graph

Explore on-chain governance using The Graph.

Audius has a GraphQL API Endpoint hosted by The Graph called a subgraph for indexing and organizing data from the Audius smart contracts.

  • Entities - Explore the available data entities and their details.
  • Queries - Sample queries you can use to gather information from the Audius contracts.